Many people would go out of their way to avoid alien contact, but for others reaching out to beings beyond the stars is a life long dream.

Here are eight places to head for the best chance of catching a glimpse of a UFO.

1. Area 51, Nevada, USA

Area 51 is one of the most infamous places on the planet. A highly classified Air Force base, some believe the remains of a UFO that crashed in Roswell are hidden inside. Many UFO sightings have been made in the area.

2. The Nullabor, Australia

This remote area in the Australian Outback has been a hotbed of UFO sightings since the 1950s. Many travellers claim to have been chased by UFOs while driving down the area’s empty roads.

3. The M Triangle, Russia

The Molyobka Triangle is located in the the Ural mountains and is considered the place to go to spot alien activity in Russia. For over 100 years, locals in the area have claimed to see lights and strange symbols in the sky, as well as encountering translucent beings.


4. Roswell, New Mexico, USA

For alien enthusiasts, there is no better place than Roswell for UFO spotting. The site is where an alien spaceship allegedly crashed in 1947 (before being secretly transported to Area 51 by shady government officials). Roswell’s UFO Museum and Research Center hosts events where those who claim to have been abducted share their experiences. The area also boasts the world’s only spaceship-shaped McDonald’s.

5. Warminster, England

The Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire is home to the mysterious stone circles of Avebury as well as Stonehenge. Warminster hit headlines worldwide in the 1960s and 1970s when “alien sounds” were heard in the area, attracting UFO fanatics who flocked there from around the globe to watch the skies. In recent years crop circles have also been discovered nearby.

6. El Enladrillado, Chile

Chile’s tourist board created the country’s first UFO trail after a flurry of extraterrestrial sightings in El Enladrillado in 2008. Passing through the Andes, the 30km trail passes through the sites where UFOs have been spotted before finishing at El Enladrillado, which is alleged to be a landing pad for alien spaceships.


7. Wycliffe Well, Australia

The self-proclaimed UFO capital of Australia, Wycliffe Well has been a hotbed of alien activity since WWII. Locals report seeing lights in the sky fairly frequently, and during the Second World War strange happenings were so common that a serviceman stationed there kept a log book of sightings.

8. Bonnybridge, Scotland

Bonnybridge is located in what is referred to as “The Falkirk Triangle” by UFO experts. This area between Stirling, Fife and the outskirts of Edinburgh is apparently an extraterrestrial hot spot – over 300 sightings are reported each year.