Fruit For Losing Weight, Looking Younger and Curing Ailments!
10708040 - fresh home-made delicious waldorf salad consisting of lettuce, apple, celery, walnuts, raisins and mayonnaise (selective focus, focus one third into the salad)

You can turn your health around starting today with a few really cool concepts! Millions of people have turned their health around in spite of their prognosis. I have personally witnessed amazing health restoration as I have worked with people over the years with components of simple natural healing. It’s the science of how the body works repairing and healing itself.

I have made it easy for you to learn and implement a few of the most important things quickly and easily. There is no computer in this world that comes even close to the speed and accuracy of the body to heal itself. Your body has immediate capability to recognize an ailment and implement the appropriate response to correct, repair and recover from an
attack or breach of health.

All of this happening simultaneously while replacing millions of cells in every moment, breathing, pumping, digesting, secreting and detoxifying. The body has one quest – to live. I
have been fascinated by this fact for decades and have come to help many folks take control of their health, get their power and zest for life back and even re- versed the outcome of
terminal illnesses when the medical profession had given up.

These simple concepts I share with you are meant to give you basic instruction on choosing optimal foods and methods to create a fast and positive impact increasing your body’s ability
to heal itself. I get right down to the basics with you and spell it out so you can pick right up from here and do really good things for yourself.

In teaching the impact of these principle concepts, I’ve shown folks for decades how to improve their health easily and dramatically improving annoying disturbances like acid reflux and bloating, and difficult frustrating illnesses of the digestive tract, bowels, colon, gallbladder, liver and a wide range of inflammatory dis- eases.

I will be sending in members of our team to talk about all of this with you and your Mom.” At this point, she quietly exits the room. Looking back to my late teen years, September 1975, I got a cooperative education job through my school in a school to work program. I had been a business major in high school and was happy to get a job as a starter legal secretary for a local law rm. I was there about a year when they hired a new attorney, fresh out of law
school; she and I became fast friends. I lived in northern rural Pennsylvania, while she had grown up in West Chester, just outside of Philadelphia. On weekends, we would make the trek to visit her parents. They were eclectic couple, Al and Joan. She had been a nurse but left the field to raise their children and he was a chemical engineer. They enjoyed their gardens, reading and the art of conversation. We quickly became friends.

They helped me create a huge lovely rock garden and taught me a lot about botanicals. A few years into the friendship, Al was experiencing illness and was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He was around 60 years old at the time. They quickly deter- mined that he needed to have his stomach removed and suggested chemotherapy. Of course, there weren’t many alternatives 40 years ago, so he went for the surgery even though the prognosis was not encouraging. He made it through the surgery, but refused the chemotherapy treatment. The extremely poor odds given in the statistics along with the basic theory of destroying all the cells and the immune system to kill the cancer cells made no sense to Al. Instead, he decided to use his knowledge of chemistry to heal himself.

With the normal digestion process not available any longer for him, taking enzymes and supplements became a way of life in order to get proper nutrition. Joan helped him as she had a great interest in natural foods and cooking. During this time, he and I became close, as I was totally intrigued by his studies and discoveries regarding nutritional and natural healing. He was like a mad scientist, and me the inquisitive apprentice. He would come up with recipes and formulas for things that would correct illnesses, mostly for his friends and family.