Just when you think that all the mysteries of this world have been uncovered, our Stone Age
ancestors go and surprise us again. It seems that archaeologists in June 2013, discovered thousands of connecting tunnels that criss-cross throughout Europe, Asia and the Meditrranean that extended all the way from Scotland to Turkey.

“There are so many tunnels that have survived that the original network must have been enormous.” Said German archaeologist Dr Heinrich Kusch in his book – Secrets Of The Underground Door To An Ancient World.

Dating back to 12,000 BCE and built under thousands of Neolithic settlements most of the
tunnels are barely large enough to pass through. Neolithic Period, also called New Stone Age, is the final stage of developmental evolution or technological development among prehistoric
humans. When people think of the Neolithic era, they often think of the transition of hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and settlement.

These underground Neolithic settlements feature waiting areas and lobbies where a passerby could rest. There is also store items and storage areas. With the odd discoveries of so many tunnels like these across Europe, there has been much speculation as to who and why they were built.

Even more interesting, is that in later years the Church, believing the tunnels were gateways to the underworld and wanting to negate there possible heathen influence would often build their cathedrals by or over the entrances.