In 1954, a man landed at the Tokyo International Airport. He had no idea where he was and could only somewhat communicate. Security showed him a map where he pointed Andorra. Andorra is a tiny, independent country situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains. The mystery man stated that this was his country, but insisted its name was
Taured. He had never heard of the country Andorra before and claimed that Taured was over 1000 years old.

On the other flip side, airport security and officals had never heard of Taured. Even more, unusual was the fact that his passport, driving license and checkbook backed his story. Confused Tokyo officers sent him to a nearby hotel and left two official outside to keep eyes on him. The next morning, the man had mysteriously vanished without leaving any trace and was never found again.

Fly Geyser, located in the Nevada Desert, is a collection of three large, colorful mounds which
continually shoot five feet of water straight up into the air. Accidentally created in 1916, during routine well-drilling. Then in the 1960s, heated geothermal water started spurting out through the well. The dissolved minerals began to accumulate and gradually built up into the large, colored mounds we see today. Fly Geyser is amongst the most secret places on Earth, as the located is on private property and no tourists or sightseers are allowed to visit.