Add heading The bagua has eight separate sections, or guas, and each gua represents a life aspect: health, wealth, fame, love and relationships, children and creativity, mentors, career, travel and higher education. Just as finding the perfect location aids the belief in an abundant life, it is believed that you can place items to encourage a life aspect

  • Add water at your door to enhance career opportunities
  • Add a planter of flowers to this spot for more mentor help
  • Try space clearing to bring new life to a dark and stale room
  • Add chimes to cultivate more creativity in your life
  • If you want to experience a home sanctuary, try Feng Shui

Small, subtle changes are usually affordable and, sometimes, may not even be visible to everyone—a mirror in a closet, or a business card tucked behind a picture. It is the intention of the placement of the object that is important. With the principles of Feng Shui, the stronger the intent, the more dramatic the shifts that will manifest in your life

  • Put a plant in an area to aid health and wealth.
  • Add a candle in an area to create more fame and notoriety.
  • Add an intention in a small envelope and place. behind a piece of art to realize goals.


Originating in Tibet, this school of Feng Shui became popular in the West in the 1980s. It places a Ba-Gua over the floor plan of the house and divides the house into eight life areas, with sometimes a ninth area in the center. Cures are then added to help balance the flow of Qi (chi). This school also uses spiritual cures such as meditation, mudras, and the power of intention.


The Flying Star’s chart is a numerological diagram of the four auspicious and four inauspicious areas of a building. The Flying Star chart changes every year and can be done for a person or a space. Cures from the Five Elements are used to balance the energies by reducing the energy of inauspicious areas, and increasing the energy in auspicious ones.


The bagua is a map, or blueprint, of energy. Placed over your home or office, the bagua creates energy and helps to enhance the existing energy for maximizing areas of interest, such as career, love, wealth, and health. Using the bagua and relating the elements to work with each other helps to create an atmosphere that promotes life aspirations. One of the best ways to play with elements is by using color.

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