Many believe it is our soul’s duty to lead us into other lifetimes when the time comes and, until then, simply lay dormant. However, with the help of a centuries old practice called the Akashic Records, we understand that it is not about the destination, but the journey.

Local medium and Akashic Records reader, Jami Hearn, used her own connection with spirit to learn all she could on the subject. After taking various workshops and classes on the Akashic Records, she became certified at the Center for Akashic Studies and hopes to use her knowledge as a healing tool for others.

“I was always in touch with spirit and I wanted to learn how to corral that and use it for my own personal improvement and to help other people,” said Hearn. Every soul has lived through various lifetimes and the Akashic Records are the collection of knowledge, information, and experiences that the soul has had in all of them.

“It’s almost like the internet, it’s interwoven and each of us is a portal in that web of information,” said Hearn. Although they are eons old, they did not gain notoriety until the 1900s when Edgar Cayce, a Christian mystic, began reading for people.

He would answer questions about healing, reincarnation, wars, and future events while in a trance-like state. Some consider Cayce to be the true founder of the core beliefs in the New Age Movement as well as the first prominent figure to show a connection to the spirit world.

Once a person has entered into the Akashic Records they can see a soul’s past life, recurring themes of that soul, and any mental or emotional blocks that are happening in this lifetime. Journeying into the Record is normally done to improve the vibration of our soul in the current lifetime and help it to reach its true divinity.

There are two things a person must take into consideration before entering in: obeying the Rules of the Records and allowing themselves to be guided by the Lords of the Records. The Lords of the Records are spiritual beings who work to protect people and their information. Having never been human, the Lords have no concept of time and can only relay past and present information. Also, all of the information will be given to the person in their native tongue. If a person were getting an Akashic Records reading and their first language was German, their answers would be relayed in German.

Before entering the Records, permission must be granted by the person whose records are being viewed, for without permission the information will not be accurate. To guarantee accurate answers, it is best to use the person’s full name as it appears on their birth certificate.

Practitioners in all modalities always take their client’s safety into consideration, and this process is no different. All Light Workers are very cautious in protecting themselves and their clients. I don’t have any concerns when I go into the Record,” said Hearn.

The Hall of Records is viewed by many as a bank of drawers, similar to a mausoleum. After a name is presented, their drawer will have light emanating from it. When the drawer is opened, there will either be a book or a scene on the soul’s life shown to the reader.

An Akashic Records reading could be helpful if one is trying to overcome a fear or at a spiritual crossroads. Most clients receive homework after a reading and may need several sessions. “There’s work and it takes time. The number of times you come back is largely determined by how quick you learn,” Hearn explained.

Something new that Hearn has been working on is soul realignment. There may be emotional barriers that are restricting one’s soul in this lifetime. Calling on the spirit guides of herself and the person being read, they ask them to initiate the clearing process.

“We go into the Record and determine what the issue is and clear it,” said Hearn. Souls are taught different lessons in different lifetimes. Hearn believes souls can be classified as experienced and inexperienced, instead of new versus old. The term “old soul” or an inexperienced soul refers to those who have had more incarnations to learn their Kharmic lesson. “Most of us still have quite a few go-rounds,” said Hearn.

Once the soul has learned its necessary lessons, it will come back in service of humanity. Hearn cited Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi as examples. Everyone has the capability to access their own Records. The process is usually done through meditation or prayer. Gaining access to one’s own Record can be a useful tool to seek guidance or find answers in your personal life.

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