Surrounded by relatives and friends, Italy’s Emma Morano greeted with a smile the news that she, at 116, is now the oldest person in the world.

Not only that, but Morano is believed to be the last surviving person in the world born in the 1800s, with a birthdate of Nov. 29, 1899. That’s just 4-1/2 months after Susannah Mushatt Jones, who died Thursday in New York, also at 116.

Journalists on Friday descended upon Morano’s home in Verbania, a northern Italian mountain town overlooking Lake Major, to document her achievement, but had to wait until she finished a nap to greet her.

Morano lives in a neat one-room apartment, which she no longer leaves, and is kept company by a caregiver and two elderly nieces.

“I finished school and I went to work. I used to sing. I had a beautiful voice,” she added, summing up her life in a frail voice. Her physician of 23 years, Dr. Carlo Bava, delivered the news earlier that she was officially the world’s oldest person.

“She was very, very happy” and sitting up in a chair, he told The Associated Press in a phone
interview. “She was all proud and contented.” She has been in stable health for years, Bava said, with no chronic ailments.

“Her longevity is a genetic fact, nothing else,” Bava said. “She is a person who from a young age had a difficult life that would have sapped the energy out of anyone.”

He said Morano’s husband beat her and she lost an infant son to crib death at 6 months. She supported herself working in a factory making jute bags, then in a hotel, working well past retirement age.

“She abandoned the husband in the Fascist era, when women were supposed to be submissive. She was always very decisive,” her doctor said. (Oh the (((doctor)))! This is a perfect example how the regressive left media find a way to bash Fascism and traditional family values, in a story that is about the oldest woman alive. We’re sure that this woman and Italy as a whole is far better of today, when Europe has opened the borders and all the
migrant are flooding into Italy. So keep in mind goy that you should worry about Mussolini, not Muslims. You need to be reminded – constantly – that those who care for people, their country and seek order are the true problem, not those that are trying to destroy those things.)

Bava, who has known Morano since she was 90, also praised her emotional stability.

“She is always a very serene. The beauty of Emma is that it is normal that she smiles, but also in difficulties, she is very decisive,” he said. “But perhaps this tranquility comes with age, which becomes wisdom. Who knows?”

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