911 Ghost photo

I am a 911 telephone operator and in all my years of working, this was the scariest shit I’ve ever heard.

Me- Hello, this is 911 what is your emergency?

Man- I-I don’t know, I just woke up and saw a man outside, he looks like he’s hurt but also dangerous. Can you send someone over?

Me- Of course what is your address?

-no answer-

Me- Hello? Sir? Are you still there?

Man- yes um ya um -silence-

-mumbling- what the hell?

Me- Sir is everything okay? Can you please tell us the address?

Man- oh my god, he just got up H-his face is what the f***

Me- Okay sir, please check around your house and make sure all windows and doors are locked just stay on the line and we’ll track your phone, is it possible to keep your eyes on the man at all times?

Man- y-ea um okay

-locking sound-

-2 minutes of silence-

Man- okay all doors are lock-

Me- Sir, are you okay? is there somewhere in your house that has a lock and no windows?

-no answer-

Man- what the f***! oh my god! what is that!

Me- Sir! please stay on the line

Man- h-his face i-it’s right on the window and and he he’s smiling..


Me- Can you make out his face can you describe him for me?

Man- His teeth are their so sharp and his smile th-the smile holy sh** it’s getting-


Me-Sir! are you still there please answer

-faint taps-

Man- he- he’s tapping on the window he wants to get in oh no -sobbing-

Me- Sir! hello? please run to any room in your house that has a lock and no windo-

-loud crash-


*End of Call*