Life for a shelter animal waiting to be adopted is full of hardships but diet will no longer be one of the struggles with the help of a new food donation program.

Stately Pet Supply, Clarks Summit, joined forces with True Friends Animal Welfare Center, Montrose, to create Operation Full Belly.

When Stately Pet Supply opened in October 2014, owner Rebecca Martino decided to run a promotion where she discounted all pet food to encourage donations.

“It got a great response and we were able to take a truckload of food up to True Friends. I thought it was unfortunate that it only happened when promoted and thought how can we get this on a more frequent basis,” said Martino.

With Operation Full Belly, donors have the chance to maximize their donation dollars by receiving 25% off of any pet food purchases if they are donating the food to True Friends. The food stocked on Stately Pet Supply’s shelves is all natural brands and provide more nutritional value for animals.

“Often times shelter dog’s bellies don’t do well with the processed food, they need nutritionally enhanced food. I hope the public will see this as an opportunity to get nutritionally dense, well-done recipes into these shelter dogs who may be the most in need of some TLC and pampering,” added Marino.

True Friends Animal Welfare Center is a non-profit, no-kill organization that depends on donations.  According to Dory Browning, Executive Director of True Friends, food donations are crucial since they care for 120 animals at all times.

“The nice thing about Rebecca’s store is she only sells quality food, we have a couple of senior dogs that depend on it. It’s nice to be able to feed them something that will enhance their quality of life,” said Browning.

While all food donations are appreciated, feeding the animals a more structured diet eliminates numerous digestive problems, particularly since shelter animals all come with different histories.

“Animals come in faster than they’re going out,” she added.

Last year True Friends saw over 400 dogs and cats adopted out, Browning is hopeful the number of adoptions grows  with the exposure from Operation Full Belly.

Donations to True Friends Animal Welfare Center can be made through the Operation Full Belly program or by visiting their website at