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Learning the nutritional science of the human body has been an interest of Donna LaBar’s for most of her life, but she was unaware that her thirst for natural healing knowledge would prove very beneficial.

As a Nutritional Healing Coach who resides in Tunkhannock, LaBar has helped people from all over the region towards better health. Her wealth of experience was well-known when a friend finally told her she should write a book about the journey to wellness. After a sample of the book was sent to various publishers, she set out to complete the full book. It was a labor of passion that took four years and was completed in September of 2012.

Her book, Simple. Natural. Healing.  has been well received since it hit bookstore shelves on September 20.

“It’s not about dieting, it’s about how the body works to maintain and heal itself. People can easily incorporate it into their life without much upheaval,” added LaBar.

On her quest to change other’s lives with her book, LaBar’s has changed drastically as well. She is sought out by different organizations to host presentations as well as teaching workshops and organizing retreats.

“It feels pretty amazing; it’s really been fun to have people enjoy my book so much that they want me to come out. I’ve had a huge amount of people reach out for me to do it,” added LaBar.

Labar became interested in the inner workings of the human body when she was a teenager when LaBar’s friend, Catherine Garbus, told her that her father fell ill with stomach cancer, LaBar pursued her research with new vigor.

“I started working with him and how he could get nutrition so we started discovering how enzymes work to help with the digestive process,” said LaBar.

Along with how to get nutritional value into the body, she also learned how alkalinity plays a role in decreasing inflammation. After several years of studying various ways to help the body heal itself, LaBar tailored a program to fit his needs and saw him live to the age of 93.

“My dad always thought illness could be solved, he enjoyed sharing his passion for understanding the body’s ability to heal itself given proper nutrition and supplementation with Donna,” said Garbus.

Today, LaBar is certified through the Integrated Institution of Nutrition as an Integrated Health Coach and strives to help others with terminal diagnoses and illnesses.

“I started working with people who were having difficult diagnosis and showing them how to eat during these illnesses so they could support their body in recovery,” she added.

Her primary focus areas are the importance of pH balance in the body, the role of enzymes, improving sleep, and reducing stress to substantially improve one’s health.

“My hope always is that once we figured out what’s wrong my approaches can keep them there for the rest of their life and give them a quality life,” LaBar explained.

Another outlet LaBar has used to spread the word is the Natural Health Clinic’s she has organized since 2014. The clinics, which have been held in Clarks Summit and Tunkhannock, invite healing practitioners to gather together and share their ideas and methods with the public.

“There are just super things out there that can get us on the track to healing faster,” she said.

Her new book delves into ways to help the body heal faster and better as well as how it can fully recover from various illnesses. The most crucial chapter that LaBar hopes everyone pays attention to is the chapter on supporting the body with more alkaline forming foods which will stop inflammation and digestive problems. If people incorporate more raw foods into their diet the body will create more enzymes which aid in digestion.

“I go on to talk about cancer, diabetes, thyroid, chronic inflammation illnesses, things that help and hinder so people have a broader awareness,” said LaBar.

Her hope is the information in her book helps more people live longer, more quality lives.